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Gardening plots are a wonderful amenity offered by Laguna Woods. While it would be wonderful if everyone who wants to could garden, nearly 300 people are on the waiting list to receive a plot. So how can you participate in gardening even if you don’t have a plot?

There are two clubs you can participate in: the Garden Centers Club and the Garden Club. The Garden Centers Club is for residents who are leasing plots in the garden centers. The members grow vegetables, fruit, fruit trees, and flowers and they meet six or seven times a year. The meetings feature Orange County master gardeners, local nursery workers, soil experts, and other experts. Luckily, you can participate in these meetings whether you’re a member or not. The Garden Club, on the other hand, is for people who garden at home on their porches, growing flowers for artistic purposes.  

While there is a shortage of plots, club leaders are working towards improving the club for current members and making a way for more residents to join.


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